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Marcie earned an MBA at Harvard Business School and then went on to hold executive positions at The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios. While there, she honed her marketing skills with some of the most creative storytellers in the world.  She subsequently   immersed herself into the world of start-ups, nonprofit organizations, and school-based fundraising and parent education efforts. In particular, her extensive experience in both leadership and advisory roles at the Common Ground​ ​Speaker Series gives her an experienced lens into most of the lower, middle and upper schools in the area. Marcie is the proud mother of three children, with a daughter who attended Wellesley College, a second who attended the University of Chicago and a son who is making his way through the adolescent years. Collectively, she has navigated her children through 15 elementary through college admission cycles, and sees graduate school applications on the horizon!

​Marcie founded AdmissionSavvy to help students bring their unique stories to life in ways that are both authentic and compelling. She works with a wide range of high school and transfer students who desire to attend college in the USA, Asia, Canada, and England. She also works with STEM students, prospective athletes, visual and performing artists, aspiring writers and journalists, and adolescents with learning differences.

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Administrative Manager

Mackenzie is Marcie's eldest daughter and a new member to the AdmissionSavvy team. She graduated from  Wellesley College in 2019, and is currently in the process of finishing a Master's in International Community Health at the University of Oslo. Her academic focuses at Wellesley and the University of Oslo have been on migration and pregnancy, community medicine, and reproductive health access. She is currently leading a study evaluating the Norwegian maternity care system and their care for women with a migration background from the perspective of Norway's midwives. Mackenzie additionally has spent six years in emergency services in both Cambridge, MA and San Mateo County as a EMT and Paramedic. She will soon be applying to medical school. 

On the AdmissionSavvy team, Mackenzie leads many of the administrative tasks for the business, including generating student college lists, developing information materials, and managing the website. In addition, she consults on college essay editing.  

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Jane Vaughan

Editorial Consultant

Jane (she/her) grew up in Maine and studied English and Art History at Wellesley College. She then worked as a community newspaper reporter in Maine and as a daily talk show producer at New Hampshire Public Radio. Now, she's earning her Master's in Journalism at the Medill School of Journalism in Chicago, where she's specializing in social justice. While in Chicago, she has freelanced for various local publications, interned with WBEZ's data team, and mentored young journalists through the Medill Media Teens program. In September, she will begin a full-time job as a reporter with Jefferson Public Radio in Ashland, OR. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and kickboxing. 

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