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Marcie was in tune with our daughter’s emotions throughout the application process and she provided invaluable support through all the lows and highs. 

                                                                          -  Parent, Wellesley College Class of 2024

It was so fun working with Marcie. She was amazing at making connections between my passions and activities during our brainstorming sessions that I didn’t realize existed. I became more comfortable writing about myself, and in the end, I felt like my essays really reflected me. I am so proud of the results.

                                                                                     - Student, Purdue University Class of 2025

Marcie has proved to be a very valuable service to my son during the year they have been working together. She guided him through the college selection based on his academic achievement and desire for computer science. Marcie’s encouragement and guidance made this stressful process manageable for my son.

                                                                                                  - Parent, UC Berkeley Class of 2023

We were so thrilled to work with Marcie. She was instrumental in helping us navigate the craziness of the college application process. It was invaluable to our family to have a knowledgeable, outside person to support the admissions process as teens don’t always want to listen to parents' advice.

                                                       - Parent, Rhode Island School of Design Class of 2021

Marcie taught me that stellar academics weren’t enough to realize my dreams. I needed to put my good intentions to work in activities that I really care about. The result was that I was not only admitted to a great university, but the process prepared me to be a more fully functional human.

                                                     - Student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Class of 2024

Marcie Kay pushed him to achieve higher with her gentle and compassionate style. They established a rapport and relationship entirely their own where she was able to help him aspire to his highest abilities while also attending to the stress and demands of the college admissions process.  With her help, our child crafted a list wherein all the schools were viable places to attend. She helped identify the top choice school where our child will enroll in the Fall. The only thing is we wish we hired Marcie sooner to plan a more enriching high school life overall! 

                                                                                              - Parent, Columbia University Class of 2025

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